Team Verdical

Andrew Headshot Small.png

Andrew Deitz - CEO

Andrew sees food at the center of community, health, and environment. He has helped build 3 successful startups and gained a web of experience as an entrepreneur transforming academic research into commercial software products, growing an executive search practice, and as a researcher in Oak Ridge National Labs. Andrew is also a board member for

Ara Baghdassarian - Founder

Ara studied Biology at UC Santa Cruz and has a background in sustainable gardening. He is passionate about urban agriculture and has effectively headed Verdical's prototyping and manufacturing.


Christina Tapp - Head of Product Experience

Christina is designing a new food experience at Verdical. Previously working as a Design lead at New Deal Design and Smart Design, she has defined experiences for startups and F500s including Samsung ranges and refrigerators.


Scott Drummond - Design & Business

Scott is a design and business leader skilled at guiding both new ventures and mature companies in Food Tech, Restaurant, Retail and Consumer Products. He is a brand builder, communications strategist, designer and experience marketer, passionate about the role of design in driving business success. A co-founder of eatsa, Scott is a firm believer in the use of technology to provide greater access to affordable and sustainable food.

Hans Haenlein - Design & Mechanical Design Engineering

Hans is a Design Strategist and Mechanical Design Engineer, with considerable experience and success in defining, prototyping and developing products across an uncommonly large variety of industries. Senior Project Lead at IDEO and then Director of Innovation at Ericsson, he now focuses on Design Strategy and Innovation Consulting.


Kevin Fort, Ph.D - Plant Whisperer

Dr. Kevin Fort has spent more than 25 years in plant biological research spanning molecular genetics to landscape ecology at the University of California, Davis. He has a B.S. in Plant Science, an M.S. in Plant Biology, an M.S. in Genetics, and a Ph.D. in Horticulture and Agronomy with an emphasis in Viticulture.