Future of Fresh

We deliver beautiful indoor systems for growing greens and herbs on-site transforming indoor areas into artistic life-sustaining spaces that empower individuals to use fresh ingredients daily. Verdical adds value to idle floor space by eliminating the use of a supply chain and connecting consumers directly to their ingredients.

Water, light, and nutrients are automatically delivered to the plants ensuring restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, and cafeterias successfully grow greens and herbs on-site.


Platform for Growth

From any connected device control the growing platform, manage inventory, learn about new ingredients, and experience farming without the work.

Modular and Compact Design

The flexible footprint can fit any size space and grow the quantity of ingredient needed for most menus. Enjoy up to 150 lbs of produce per year with only 2 feet by 2 feet of floor space.


Add New Flavors

Offer menus with more flavor and variety with the ability to grow all kinds of herbs and greens on-site year round.

Source your Ingredients

Differentiate your brand by owning freshness and sourcing your ingredients right at your doorstep.

Own your Supply Chain

Exceed customer demand for locally grown food and have complete control and ownership of your supply chain.

Know your Impact

Eliminate the distance from production-to-fork creating a differentiated customer experience, and saving environment resources at each step of the supply chain.